Employee Recruitment and Emerging New Hire Expectations in 2021

We understand how to navigate the complex process of recruiting employees while considering emerging new hire expectations throughout 2021.

At Lewis-Price & Associates, we understand how to navigate the complex process of recruiting employees while considering emerging new hire expectations throughout 2021. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to adjust their working practices to provide a remote work environment. While returning to the office is imminent for many employees, top companies have opted to provide either hybrid working models or to remain fully remote indefinitely. As a business owner, it’s essential to consider emerging expectations of any employees you may recruit throughout 2021. 

Strategic Employee Recruitment with Lewis-Price & Associates: Consider Remote Work Benefits

Remote working environments have led to companies being able to select from a larger candidate pool. While this perk is beneficial, it’s also led to employees having a wider range of opportunities available to them. New hires can be more selective about the salary and benefits offered to them because of a vast range of work-from-home positions available. As an employer, you’ll need to strategize your employee recruitment method to keep up with the changing business landscape. Many remote employees are opting to stay fully remote and are seeking flexible hours with PTO. If you aren’t adding remote work benefits into your hiring package, you will slip behind other companies quickly and be a last choice for potential employees.

Top Employee Branding Contributes to Your Reputation

Employees will want to work for a company that is well-branded with a great reputation. Additionally, employees in 2021 seek an employer that aligns with their values and is a suitable fit for the workplace culture they seek. If your company is hiring for positions that require a level of social awareness and social outreach, implementing strategic social media posts can help prospective employees see that their values align with yours. 

Streamline Your Remote Hiring Process with Excellent Onboarding

Statistically, employees who are hired with an excellent onboarding experience are more likely to stay for the long term compared to peers who had a negative onboarding experience. An investment into your HR onboarding practices for remote employees through Lewis-Price & Associates can help get your new hires adjusted and prepared for their new positions at your company. By keeping your new hires invested in your company from the very beginning, you can save money in the long run. 

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