4 Ways To Write A Great Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Use these steps to write an amazing cover letter.

If your resume is the most important document you’ll need for your job search, your cover letter is not too far behind. Not only does your cover letter supplement your resume, but it also offers you the opportunity to express some of your personality to your potential employers. Sometimes, job candidates feel some anxiety about writing a cover letter that is impressive enough to land a job. Fortunately, we have some advice about how to write an amazing cover letter!

Focus On The Company

Even though you have a desire to work for a company, your cover letter should not just be about what that company can do for you. Too many candidates focus on how much experience they would gain from the role or the prestige of working at their desired job. Doing this signals to the employer that you are thinking more about how they can help you than how you can help them. Instead, highlight why your working relationship will be a two-way street.

Use The Job Description

A job description is basically a guide to what an employer is looking for, so it’s a great idea to use it as a framework for your cover letter. This is a great way to outline your cover letter because it ensures that you will be including the most relevant information. It’s important to remember not to include the exact words from the job description though. Incorporate your relevant experiences naturally instead.

Highlight Your Skills & Accomplishments

Your cover letter is a great way to discuss in greater detail the skills and achievements listed on your resume. Write about how your qualifications make you the right fit for the job rather than just stating that they do. You can do this by being specific when talking about your accomplishments. It might feel like you’re bragging, but you’re not. It’s crucial for your potential employer to know the extent to which you’ve accomplished goals in the past.

Personalize It

When jobs are listed, hiring teams are bombarded with tons of applications and cover letters. A lot of these applications will blend, and only a few will stand out. Make sure yours stands out! Inject a bit of your personality into your cover letter and engage the hiring team while still ensuring that it’s professional.


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