Recruiting in 2021: New Trends for Hiring Fresh Talent

There’s quite a few new trends emerging for recruiters looking to hire fresh talent.

The COVID-19 pandemic shocked numerous industries across the globe, resulting in countless layoffs and reduced hiring that prevented the growth of businesses for an extended time. Now that vaccinations are commonplace and businesses are reopening, quite a few trends are emerging for recruiters looking to hire new talent. Throughout 2020, remote onboarding was the number one hiring method for businesses that increased their department headcount during the pandemic. For recruiters in 2021, this trend is likely to stay — along with a few other new trends for hiring fresh talent and business expectations. Read on to find out more. 

Recruiting Virtually and Onboarding Remotely

After facing numerous difficulties surrounding in-person recruitment methods in 2020, recruiters now use virtual recruitment. It’s likely that virtual recruitment and remote onboarding will remain. Since recruiters are no longer meeting new-hire candidates in person, virtual meetings will continue via Google Meet and Zoom. On the plus side for recruiters, virtual meetings make it easier to communicate with numerous qualified candidates to find the perfect fit for an open position. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In today’s cultural climate, it’s more important than ever for recruiters to participate in DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) by interviewing a diverse group of candidates for open positions. Additionally, since most businesses have switched to the digital realm, candidates will expect recruiters to be knowledgeable about DE&I commitments and social causes that their company participates in. As more candidates decide to apply to companies based upon their DE&I policies, it’s essential for recruiters to ensure that a diverse talent pool is being interviewed for all open positions. 

Hiring from Within 

Recruiters can also expect the potential for any company that they’re working with to hire from within instead of using an external pool of candidates following the COVID-19 pandemic. Since companies are beginning to invest in their own employees by providing them with opportunities to enhance their skill sets, you can also expect an uptick in employees being promoted for job openings. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for recruiters — rather, it represents a positive shift in the workforce that indicates companies are looking to retain employees for the long term.

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