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Tips for Human Capital Management that Will Boost Your Retention Rate

human capital management lewis-price and associates

Good human capital management centers on the human instead of the employee.

Any company can benefit from brushing up on its human capital management skills. With Lewis-Price and Associates, we offer auditing services that will examine your business’s workflow and productivity. 

From Critical to Coaching: Change Your Mindset

The project manager is in charge of getting their employees to complete high-quality tasks on time. A critical mindset manifests in micromanagement and harsh criticism. An employee that is already having a hard time will not respond well and may produce low-quality work. They may also seek out other employment, lowering your retention rate and causing everyone’s work to suffer because someone has to pick up the slack. A coaching mindset offers support when an employee’s quality of work begins to dip. Good human capital management centers on the human instead of the employee. 

Approach Situations With Kindness

In an era of unprecedented times, the most we can do for another person is remember they are also going through this. The “human” part of human capital is what makes the workplace great. It can also be hostile for some folks. The human resources department should be available for any issues. However, working as a superior means setting an example. Thoughtful leadership will make your employees comfortable and motivated. Kind actions are simple, like allowing a grace period of a few hours for deadlines. Checking in on your employees to see how their lives are is also a great way to show kindness. 

Talk to People in a Language They Understand

Getting to know your employees is the first step to excellent human capital management. Every person has a different communication style that can change how they react to criticism or praise. Consider how your employees talk to you for insight into their communication style. If you meet people where they are, they will jump to understand you. Clear communication of roles and necessary details are crucial to successful project management. Your employees are human, and with the right guidance, your staff will want to stay and build a future with your company.

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